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I want you to stop by my Blog This Side of Business. In fact, when you think of  This Side of Business know that my writings educate my readers on personal development, leadership, productivity, and public influence.


Are you a leader?  We’ll I am a leader, and I want to keep you ahead of the curve. But I want you to think about what it takes to get ahead, and stay ahead.

It was my pleasure to introduce to you my podcast The Business Plug .  It’s focused on the entrepreneur as an individual. Listeners can focus on his or her issues and challenges, and finally coming face to face with those challenges transform them into productivity.


And that’s just the beginning! Take a moment to discover the powerful information to come in future post! Then tune in the podcast for more inspiration to help you continue on your business venture. I am committed to your satisfaction and welcome your feedback.

As always, thank you Edwina Tillmon.